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We met these guys at a Motorhome show they wanted to do learn more about UK Aire so they decided to stress test our system…Have a look at the You Tube video link below.


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A Welcome...

As fellow motor homers we would like to use our UK AIRE website to post blogs about our motorhome adventures and we hope to have guest bloggers too!!

Our first blog is titled: ‘Beginnings…..’

The ‘Coley Family’ are proud owners of a Chausson 716. We previously had a VW T6 camper van but felt we needed more space as our two children were growing. Our trips now feel more relaxed with plenty of room inside if the weather isn’t on our side. The layouts of motorhomes are so varied trying to find something that worked for us did take us a while – however finally discovering electric drop down bunk beds was a game changer and really have made our holidays more enjoyable knowing that the children have their own beds and space to play in the daytime. Would highly recommend to any families out there.

We have travelled the UK and France in our motorhome over the past 2 years and the ease and simplicity of travelling around France is something we felt the UK was desperate for.

The ‘Coleman Family’ are our motorhome friends (Chausson 720) who shared our vision of needing easy motorhome stopovers in the UK. Surprisingly over a coffee rather than after several beers – Ben and Jim came up with the vision of UK AIRE. After about 6 months of setting up UK AIRE – with our IT Guru Dan (non motorhomer but we have plans to convert him), we finally have the ‘beginnings’ of our next adventure – this time helping our fellow motorhomers have an easier adventure across the UK!! We hope you find this website useful and makes your journeys easier. The UK is a wonderful place to explore in our motorhomes and to do so with greater ease is very exciting.

Thank you in advance to all who are going to become UK AIRE members and support us – remember to look out for us on the roads and give us a beep / wave!! Gemma J

Sad Times and New Beginnings

Its with regret that we say good bye to Dan “The Vampire” He has been a great asset to the business and given us a big leg up. We wish him all the best. 

Whilst we will miss Dan we have found two new super stars, with that we welcome Kate and Kevin. Kate is a social media guru and Kevin is a web developer two great assists to UK Aire.



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