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Membership FAQ's

These sites can only be booked via your individual member log in therefore you can only book for your own motorhome stopover. However, if your friends want to visit the same site on the same day they can make their own individual booking via UK AIRE member log in.
The sites are not expected to provide any facilities – however some sites will be able to allow you to dispose of litter for example – details for which are on the individual site pages on the UK AIRE website.

You are paying for exclusive access to site details and this is to protect the sites from misuse and to ensure only motorhomes are using the sites. In addition, the cost for members is for the service / booking system available

Yes, we will be adding new sites all the time and will be working hard to continue expanding.

No, these sites are exclusively for registered motorhomes with on board water and toilet facilities.

Yes, our sites allow dogs however as part of your member terms and conditions you are required to keep your dog under control on the site and clean up after it. Failure to do so could result in the site making a complaint and you could lose access to your membership. 

All sites who are part of the UK AIRE network have agreed under our terms and conditions to ensure that their sites is suitable for motorhomes. This may be hardstanding, gravel or grass but should not be on a slope or too soft. Any sites who do not comply with your terms and conditions will potentially be removed from the network.

If you take a monthly membership of £2.99 you can cancel at anytime, you will pay more than an annual membership. You can also cancel an annual or 6 month membership however, there is no refund.  



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