Our Story

The Origin of UK Aire

Whilst sat down outside our motorhomes in an eye-wateringly expensive campsite, drinking a cold beer, or two, ahem..  With our jumpers on in the middle of summer, Jim and I started one of many conversations that would take us into the early hours of the morning. This particular conversation happened to be the one, that ended up creating the closest thing the United Kingdom could get to the French network of Aires. Yeap the concept of UKAire was born.


It took a couple of paracetamol, lot’s of water, and a few more beers, to realise we needed someone who could deliver a website, with an outstanding user experience, first class, safe and secure, internet booking system. That was when I brought an old friend into the mix Dan. Now Dan is like a vampire he only really starts going between the hours of midnight (don’t feed him) and 4am. Despite working in another eCommerce business and having two wonderful children and supporting wife. And would you know they are still together?? Dan jumped at the opportunity. It should be noted Dan doesn’t motorhome.. Good job he’s an eCommerce guru.. 

We had to think carefully how to position UKAire. We would have loved to be able to provide a free service but lets be honest our Aires want something for it and Dan looks 55 and hes only 38.. (i’m not going to tell him about this page).     


Travelling the UK in your motorhome is the perfect adventure. The UK has so much to offer and see. A 24hrs stop over, to enjoy local produce, sites and capture the very essence of travelling is what we want to help deliver through UkAire and it is not eye-wateringly expensive either. Have a look at our Membership Plans here

Now you’ve heard our story tell us yours.. We love everything motor home (well Jim and I do.. nudge, nudge Dan)… And we would love to here about your adventures. Who knows perhaps we’ve waved at each other on the M5. 

We wish you safe travels.

Designed by motorhomer’s for motorhomer’s. 

Ben Coleman, Jim Coley & Vampire Dan Way



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