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The UK is posing greater restrictions on motorhome parking making it ever more difficult for them to travel around the country. Your site provides a hassle-free stopover for motorhomes either visiting an area or breaking up a long journey.

No, you simply just need to ensure that the motorhome can gain access on the set date they have booked – you will be able to see this on your personal log in to the site. However if you wish to allow access to fresh water, litter disposal etc then you can state this on your site details. 

You have total control over your availability calendar which you can manage via the listings area when you log in. You are responsible for showing when your site is available – there is no limit/restriction on this.

If there has been an issue with a motorhome on your site please inform UK AIRE – we will then discuss the severity of the issue with you and the member will be issued a warning. All members have agreed to follow our site rules and are aware that failure to do so could result in their membership being cancelled. 



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