Members Code of Conduct

What to expect, and what is expected of you

As a member of UK AIRE you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and adhering to our sites rules. Failure to comply will result in your membership being cancelled without refund. It is essential that you respect the sites you visit and when you leave there shouldn’t be a trace of your visit.

1. The Boy Scout rule - Always leave the site cleaner than you found it

There is no harm in having a tidy up around you if someone hasn’t been as clean as you. 

2. Be courteous, friendly, respectful and discreet

Goes without saying lets treat as we want to be treated.. 

3. Encourage and support local trade

By supporting the local trade we further support UK Aire and the network of UK aires as this ensure our reputation and the motorhome community as a whole

4. Leave only footprints..

The most important rule of all… Reputation of the motorhome community is so important leave a mess leave UK Aire 

5. These sites are for self-contained motorhomes only.

  • Do not dispose of chemical waste 
  • Do not empty waste water
  • Do not leave rubbish
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Be respectful of the local area – keep noise down

6. The most important rule of all have fun and make memories.

Reporting Problems

If you or someone else feel threatened or unsafe, please first contact the police for assistance.

If you witness or experience behaviour that you believe may go against our policies, please let us know. 



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