How UK Aire Works

A Guide to Memberships, Booking & more

With staycations continuing to surge in popularity, demand for safe, secure and convenient motorhome parking has never been higher. Our goal is to provide motorhomers with safe overnight parking alternatives to traditional campsites and encourage tourists to support local, British businesses. 

Our Aires range from pubs and hotels in remote locations to rugby, football and cricket clubs in city centres, and we’re adding more every day! Remember, in true Aire fashion, locations can vary with the types of services available. For example a pub may be happy providing water or letting you use the loo where as a rugby club may be completely empty.

Why do I need to be member to book an Aire?

Firstly, we know the question you’re thinking – why do I need to be a member to book an Aire? It’s a fair question.

As part of our research when setting up UK Aire, we spoke to hundreds of establishments that have either hosted motorhomes in the past or have considered it. In an ideal world, this service would be accessible for all but, after speaking to countless potential Aires, it became clear that a fully open service was the core reason potential Aires were hesitant to offer their land for motor homes.

1. Site owner peace of mind. Simply put, site owners want the assurance of knowing who will be staying on their land, when they’ll be staying and that they will behave themselves. Our members adhere to the UK Aire code of conduct which takes away these worries.

2. Motorhomer peace of mind. It works both ways, Motorhomers want the guarantee of knowing they have somewhere to park that is available, safe and secure, and that their fellow guests will be as respectful and considerate as they are.

I've just paid membership, why do I have to pay to stay at an Aire too?

Another fair question. Ok let’s call a spade a spade here… All of this didn’t just happen overnight. The three directors of this business have worked tirelessly making this happen without any external investment, we have teams of people contacting new locations every day to expand the network of Aires you now have access to. 

We pay the Aires a commission with your £15.00. That’s right, why would you want to be an Aire without getting something for it? We all want as many Aires as we can, after all, variety is the spice of life, right? So we want to make it worth their while. 

How much do you pay, have you paid for a campsite? Especially since the staycation boom £30? £40? Even £50 or £60 per night??… Come on its only £15.00.

Have you ever liked the idea of “wild camping” but thought what happens if, like us, you’ve had a bottle of Merlot and you get a tap tap on the habitation door…

“Excuse me sir / mam but you’re not allowed to park here”

Now what??? With UK Aire you have the land owners permission to stay so no late night knocks on the door, no worries. For just £15.00.   

Step 1 - Become a Member

3 Simple plans to choose from. Whether you're planning on using us just a couple of times or if you spend your life on the road, we've got an option that works for you.

Rolling Monthly

Get access for 1 month on a rolling basis
£ 2
  • Access to our network of UK Aires
  • Member-only Offers
  • Cancel at any time


Our most popular 3-month plan
£ 6
Every 3 Months
  • Access to our network of UK Aires
  • Member-only Offers
  • Save 22% vs Monthly Plan

Annual Saver

Our best value 12-month plan
£ 19
Every 12 Months
  • Access to our network of UK Aires
  • Member-only Offers
  • Save 44% vs Monthly Plan
Best Value

Step 2 - Finding an Aire

Search by town / city, region or postcode - or if you're on the road simply search by your current location to find your nearest Aires.

Step 3 - Booking an Aire

Booking is super quick and easy, on the listing page simply select the date you want from the calendar and hit "Instant Book". From there, you can pay with a card (and save it for future use) or book even faster with Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

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